Aluminium Shredder

Shredo® Aluminum shredders are basically used to process the aluminum scrap that can be used in other purposes or Recycled for the production of new products. Our shredders are used to shred all kind of material fed into them. The Shredders are highly capable to shred the substances.

Our Indian made shredder equipped to cut the various kinds of waste Aluminum, they enable the users to obtain the scraps rapidly and then proficiently proceed with the next step of recycling.

Cardboard Shredder

The cardboard shredders slice up the cardboard in small pcs to recycle it for further use. Shredder can save your lot of money and increase profit. You have no need to store the bulky cardboard. Now cardboard shredder is available to shred all kind of waste paper, wastes magazine, hard cardboard etc. for recycle it.

SHREDO® has given the cardboard size reduction machine to handle all kind of waste available in cardboard mills. It helps in equalizing the randomly made cardboard and cartons utilized for packaging the carriage materials to ensure the security of the products while transportation. The cardboard shredders are the basic needs of waste recycling industries, factories for packaging the materials to send them securely to another location.

Corn Cobs / Corn Stover Shredder

Latest design slow Speed Shredo® Twin shafts Corn Stover shredder magnificently shreds the Corn Stover and corn cobs in the minute sized particles. The advantage of the shredder applies the significant shredding of any kind of dry materials like rubber tires with the corn cobs. The processed material is most used as the feedstocks for the biomass fuel, Garden mulch, composting.

Cloth Shredder

Shredo® cloth shredder perfectly shreds the cloth or fabric waste in the tiny size pieces. Our Robust shredder excellently shreds the waste Cloths including head cloth, cotton yarn, waste clothes, Oil rags, cotton cloth, chemical fiber, leather, linen, plastic layer, paper, woven or non woven and so many other waste fabric materials. SHREDO Twin shafts slow moving Fabric Shredder having latest techniques to shred easily various varieties of fibers.

Coconut Husk/Frond Shredder

The Coconut Husk/Frond Shredders are designed to handle the processing of the waste coconut husk in the professional way. These Shredders process the Coconut Husk to the fine size shredded materials that can be easily dumped or used as the BIO FUEL. Thus it covers less area in the land fill extending its life and can be economically transported to the dumping place and if you don’t want to dump it, you can also use it as a cheap fuel for the boilers. The coconut Husk Shredder Shreds the husk in the small particles size.

Coal Shredder/ Crushers

Shredo® Coal Shredder machine is excellent quality products available for coal reduction. It also called crusher to cut the big size coal to the tiny pieces. The shredder equips a shredding chamber that has two counter moving shafts fixed with round blades have specified thickness that can have single or more hooks as per the substance to be processed.

Cotton Straw Shredder

Cotton straw shredder is competently used to shred the cotton straw, branches, bark and biomass. The chain of Belt conveyer required for input feeding and output material. The shredded material is used for the production of energy, pulp, paper and wood panel and ethanol production. This is the cheapest material for all these uses.

EFB Shredder Machine

SHREDO® Empty Fruit Bunch shredder is also called the bunch breaker and oil squeezer is actually a compressed and bulky device used to deal with the empty fruit bunch material efficiently. The end product offered by the EFB shredder is very useful for different purposes like production of energy, mulching, biodegradable manures, and palletizing. The EFB is crushed into tiny fibers in the separate parts. Within the shredding of material, the oil and water is pressed out which is then sent to the oil recovery part of the machine.

Hazardous Waste Shredder

The Hazardous Waste Shredders used for the disposal of hazardous waste materials are least speed, large torque devices constructed for the bulky processing. The dangerous waste disposal device guaranteed handles the waste materials in an efficient way while following the protective standards and providing the desired outputs. The shredder competently shred the hazardous materials like aerosols, paint sludge residue etc. 

Green Agriculture Shredder

The Green Agriculture shredder converts the biomass residue in the high quality manure for the maintenance of gardens and farms. Rather than the incineration of agriculture waste, it can be turned into profitable nourishing material for compost and sending it back to the soil by shredding the agriculture waste in the fine size particles through shredders.

Industrial Paper Shredder

SHREDO® Industrial heavy duty Paper shredder efficiently handles the potential magnitude of waste papers, documents, magazine, books, and other readable materials. Usually the large capacity Industrial shredders are used to handle the large amount of paper needed to destruct in the small time period. The SHREDO Shredder machine can be easily installed in the plants to handle the huge amount of waste paper on the daily basis.

Metal Scrap Shredder

The Metal Scrap Shredder precisely shreds the metal waste. The shredding machines are highly powerful to handle the window frames, Door, steel drums, Tins, HSM 1, Metal scraps and various other types of metallic accessories. The low speed and large torque shredder efficiently shred the metallic scraps into fine size metallic parts that save your extra cost on the volume reduction before the recycling and reuse.

E-Waste Shredder

The E-waste shredder plays a vital role in e-waste management as it shreds the noon usable e materials like CDs, DVDs, hard drives, keyboards, washing machine, fridge, and damaged computer parts etc. SHREDO® shred E-waste materials to the core level that the information stored on the devices can’t be retrieved. The shredder processes the hard drives in the most protective way. To handle the bulky devices like monitors, printers and ink cartridges primary and secondary shredders are used.

Glass Bottle Crusher

Shredo Glass Bottle Crusher reduces the volume of waste bottles by 80% by compressing them into small units that can be then directed to the recycling plants. This device also helps you in minimizing the cause of accidents due to empty bottles thrown here and there that may break and harm your staff. The crushers help you in reducing the volume of waste bottles that cause stack of garbage in your surroundings. The glass bottle crushing device helps in reclaiming the significant area, reducing the noise level and reducing the safety risks.

MSW Shredder

MSW SHREDDERrefers to Municipal Solid Waste or mixed solid waste consists of domestic garbage and somehow the industrial garbage. The waste can be in solid or partial solid form and do not include the harmful materials.

Today, most of the businesses are adapting new techniques to reduce or minimize the waste production, yet as the waste generation can’t be prohibited, we need a system to minimize the volume of the MSW garbage. The RDF shredder is highly proficient in reducing the volume of municipal waste and prepares it for incineration or burying. The waste disposal process is completed in three steps as: minimizing the source volume, recycling or reusing and dumping.

MSW SHREDDERrefers to Municipal Solid Waste or mixed solid waste consists of domestic garbage and somehow the industrial garbage. The waste can be in solid or partial solid form and do not include the harmful materials.

Today, most of the businesses are adapting new techniques to reduce or minimize the waste production, yet as the waste generation can’t be prohibited, we need a system to minimize the volume of the MSW garbage. The RDF shredder is highly proficient in reducing the volume of municipal waste and prepares it for incineration or burying. The waste disposal process is completed in three steps as: minimizing the source volume, recycling or reusing and dumping.

The EPA describes the Municipal waste management with reduction in source initially, reclamation and composting, then land filling or burning of waste finally. Another study on the MSW management reveals that with the latest SHREDO MSW Shredder processed municipal waste can be converted in the alternative source of energy such as fuels.

With the crew of experienced engineers we manufacture the MSW shredders with specific degree of recycling and isolation of material that is necessary to obtain the highest returning.

Shredo® MSW shredders are made to provide the highly competent, economical municipal waste shredding.

Maize Straw Shredder

The maize straw shredders chop the maize straw, grass in the processed feed that can be easily turned into bales to enhance the proficiency of fermentation, disintegration of the raw material and enhanced nutrition and sapid. The twin shafts powerful Shredding Machine equipped to shred bulky Maize Straws.

Oil Rags Shredder

The OIL RAGS SHREDDER meticulously shred the oily cloth in small pcs. to reuse as boiler fuel. Oil Rags are having high burning calories than other waste. Biomass boiler user love to have the shredder to shred the oily fabric. SHREDO shredder is the best solution for biomass fuels.

Paint Sludge Shredder

The paint sludge is highly available in all heavy industries, Auto industries and paint manufacturing units. The paint sludge shredder has become the demand of biomass boilers. In the waste paint shredding machine is useful for the extra paint sprayed on the products during their construction is accumulated in the paint booth walls, floor and painting system to reuse in boiler as high calories alternate fuels.

Paddy Straw Shredder

SHREDO® Paddy Straw Shredder is tremendously capable to process the agriculture waste. The three in one device makes the agriculture residue the perfect manure for the farm soil and converts it for composting or fuel.The paddy straw shredder is specialized in preparing organic manures, feed for the animals made from the agriculture waste or local organic garbage included in the waste management plans. The machine is useful for shredding of paddy to reuse into biomass boiler which is the low-cost source of energy.

SHREDO® Paddy shredding machine is the Robust and heavy duty machine that shreds various types of farming residue such as corn stalk, straw, leaves, coconut husk and other materials. These machines are worthy in waste management in your area and for municipal waste handling where the garbage disposal is the severe issue.

Medical Waste Shredder

The medical waste shredders implement the latest sterilization and processing techniques to reduce the volume of unwanted medical materials. The advanced shredders are verified, protected and budgetary option for the immediate destruction of infected medical garbage comprising sharp container and red bag garbage. The shredders exclusively shred the medical material in a highly protective manner. If the medical documents and other shredding waste are processed simultaneously they save more time.

Pet Bottle Shredder

The Pet Bottle Shredder processes the bottles in the tiny sizes, is specially purposed to recycle the plastic bottles, pill bottles and shampoo bottles to make the new products. It uses little power and produces minimal noises, less operation and maintenance and service cost, has a bin containing the plastic crumbles, container for liquids. The shredded PET products offer so many advantages of keeping the environment clean and recycling products to manufacturer the new accessories.

The plastic bottle shredders offer the people so many benefits like minimizing the size of the waste plastic materials and increase the available area.  We construct the specialized PET bottle shredders and offer them at the economical price. Our engineers construct the machines following the highest standards.

Plastic Bags Shredder

The shredding machines are made to follow the two basic rules: minimizing the size and complete damage. The advanced technology plastic bag shredders are highly competent in processing the plastic materials that are dense and hard like the waste materials in the die, plastic pipes, and wrapping buckets and perform the special shredding of various materials like plastic, rubber and timber. They produce little noise, consume minimum power and provide highly shredded plastic products.

Plastic Shredder

The plastic shredder machine utilized for significant plastic volume reduction to obtain the fine size processed plastic residue that is used for manufacturing the new plastic products. Whether you have little PET cans, PVC, vinyl, plastic pots, lengthy strips or materials of various configurations, the machine breaks them down in the desiring size in the very first action of the reclamation and recycling. On the base of type of plastic needed to reclaim, Shredo-770  shredders are used to reduce the early size.

Tire Shredder

The tire shredder performs the vital shredding task of the waste tires of automobiles like Jeep, truck, Buses and cars tires. The double shaft shredder cut the tires to the minimum size and capable to shred 2 tons to 10 tons tires/hour. The tire shredder precisely process the tire materials to produce the new items like rock substitute, cover and the most valuable high energy fuel can be derived from the fine shredded tires.

Shredder tire are highly use in cement plants in India because tire are having high burning calories. Shredded tire chips are easily burnable in the cement Kilns.

Wood Shredder

The wood shredder offers the stupendous performance in shredding the wood waste material for the production of boiler fuel.  The shredder effectively reduces the volume of solid wood waste and processes it in the desired size of end product that can be used for the specialized purpose.  The heavy machine processes the large amount of pallets such that you get the space completely free that was covered by the wood waste before the shredding. Thus you can save more in the waste management.

Waste Reduction Shredder

The waste shredder excellently reduces the volume of waste material and provides the desired end product size for recycling, reusing and land filling. The shredder machines can perfectly process the waste material of various types including wood, paint, hazardous waste, tire, rubber, paper, plastic, agriculture waste and other. The single, double and quad shaft machines offer the large cut off in the cost of waste management and make the environment clean.